The Statue Of The Sentinel Of Freedom

The Statue Of The Sentinel Of Freedom
The Statue Of The Sentinel Of Freedom The Statue Of The Sentinel Of Freedom

Ne'er Shall invaders trample thy sacred shores!


remember your forefathers

whose heart and soul blazed with the love for sweet freedom,

with heads held high in dignity and honor.

find their spirit of sacrifice alive in us all.

lapu lapu

a benevolent ruler of the visayan people,

a valiant warden of the ligt of islam

a victorious defender of our homeland

the first asisn to withstand colonial forces.

a peaceful leader impelled to raise his kampilan

to defend our land of our heritage,

our verdant isles, that for� ages fostered freedom, place and prosperity

he united the people to resist when the price of peace

was to bow before a forign king and surrender our birthright.

time elapsed and history indentfind a great numder

of our musch laudable countrymen.

henceforth.after four centuries

came the brave who wielded his pen against the exploits of spanish colonization

Dr. jose p rizal

his compelling writings� howling for emancipation

the first asian to stir up within people`s hearts a revolution against colonial forces.

herewith we rememder the fortitude of our nodle countrymen-

with rizal in the forefront

and lapu-lapu as forerunner;

two proud sons of the malay rice�

symbols of harmony in diversity and respect for each other`s credo,strata, and religion.

both testifying that we, as a country should be united

bear the seeds oftheir their resolute valor

as we stand herewith to witness

the valiant legacy of our forebearers


Dedicated on february 5, 2004

manila, philippines


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